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Facelift - non-surgical

Depending on the nature of the aging process in your face, Dr. Poon will choose different techniques to restore your youthfulness. Excess fatty tissues in the dependent areas of the face such as jowls and chin can be removed with Body Tite, lipodissolve, Tripollar radiofrequency and/or Plasmalipo which will also tighten the skin in these areas. Intracel Fractional RF Microneedling, a technology more advanced and effective than Fractional or CO2 lasers is used to tighten and rejuvenate the face as well as the neck.  Intracel is suitable for all skin types from white to Asian to black as it does not cause any damage to the epidermis ( the surface layer of the skin). You can be back to work the next day wearing makeup. There is usually no pigmentation change. The heat energy delivered to the dermis (true skin) causes permanent  changes in the protein resulting in tightening  and rejuvenation in the skin which last for a long time.

Platelet rich plasma
can be used to stimulate natural production of healthy collagen and thicken the epidermis  for those with thin aging skin. Dr. Poon has perfected the art of using dermal fillers to not just enhance cheek bones, fill wrinkles but to do natural lifting of the brow , cheek,  face and chin.

Beauty is more than skin deep. Our health affects our looks. As we grow older, many hormones in our bodies decrease. Many of us do not have sufficient intake of vitamins and essential nutrients. Some may not have enough enzymes to digest and absorb food. Many people age faster than their actual age. Dr. Poon is trained in anti-aging medicine and is able to offer bioidentical hormone, natural supplements and skin care programs to help you maintain the results of cosmetic procedures for a longer time.

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